Regional DataCenter Network

You may have your valuable and secure servers/systems hosted in any of the countries where Aries Systems’ has reachability, connecting your datacenters is not an issue any more!

Aries Systems' RDCN

Virtualise your server Farm without having fear of connecting them regionally for highspeed connectivity! Aries Systems enabling enterprises and Tecols to host virtualised server infrastructure throughout the region by offering cost effective Connectivity solutions!
Connecting Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore through its Super protected Terabit DWDM Network backbone using 100G/Wavelength Technology.
Utilising OPGW corridor protected by its Terestrial Fiber Optica Network Infrastructure
Enabling Regional DataCenters to connect with high speed and high capacity Links
Enabling customers to Host and connect servers/systems seamlessly in any of the supported public Datacenters with cost effective connectivity solution