Managed Router Solution


Routers are the integral part of your WAN Network and they are generally complicated to manage, update, monitor and configure. You need an expert team to manage them, when it comes to configuration, migrations, load balancing, routing etc.

Increasing demands for enhanced IP and Data applications are straining the performance of business networks as well as the IT professionals that manage them. You may not have the time to manage, monitor, or maintain equipment related to your network, or to troubleshoot issues related to performance degradation. Or, you may have special needs for network sourcing of custom hardware and configurations to support a complex implementation.

With Aries Systems’ managed Router services, you can offload up-front and recurring tasks to our team of engineers while maintaining an infrastructure environment precisely suited to your availability, performance and budget requirements.

Aries Systems’ Managed Router Service (A-MRS) provides a complete router and DIA/IP transit solution, which includes installation, monitoring and management your router. You can use Aries Systems-supplied router or your own router with designated minimum requirements. V-MRS customers receive individual circuit troubleshooting and support on all Aries-monitored circuits to allow for peak performance across routers.

Higher availability, proper configuration management, system software backups are essential to run continuous business operations. Failure of a router device may cause in total loss of connectivity and accessibility to your online/remote resources.

Aries Systems can assist you by providing fully managed router solution for your WAN, and support with its 24/7 available and expert teams.


Management of Your WAN/LAN Routers
Aries Systems will manage your routers including installation, configuration, monitoring and management as part of this solution

Connection Failover Configuration/Load balancing
To ensure consistent availability of your network, Aries Systems can provide failover from our DIA/IPT connection to your existing third party Internet connections

Management of Routers on Other Service Provider Networks
If you have some routers that reside on other communication service provider networks, we can manage them for you.

1. Trust Right Solution:
Your company requirements are always expanding in both complexity and bandwidth demand. Aries Systems is equipped to meet your increasing needs &mdash not only because we operate one of the nest networks, but also because our managed router solution can offload your overhead and cost with its affordable and robust solutions offering, to manage your corporate Network devices.

2. Your Network Availability:
Routers are complex devices and can cost a huge cost to the company. Aries Systems has excellent network expertise to install, manage and monitor them. Combined with centralized, in-house expertise, to help ensure that we not only provide a fast dedicated connection, we provide an end-end management of your Network too. Aries Systems’ teams are dedicated to enabling you to run your business operations without the service is being interrupted.

3. Delivering Superior Customer Experience:
Acquire high-quality Secure and fully managed access to the Network, cloud storage and converged networking solutions to support your customers, employees and partners. With our extremely connected, safe and fully managed network, Aries Systems delivers traffic to Internet destinations in fewer hops for a high-performance experience with fast upload and download speeds while ensuring the Network devices delivering services to you are available, regularly updated and monitored 24/7 from our Network Operations Center.

4. Technical Capabilities

Appliance: Router
Brand: Cisco
Cisco1900 Series as Aries Systems standard package (Or as per the Customer Requirement, multiple models are available for this service offering)

The Cisco 1921 Integrated Services Router (ISR) delivers highly secure data, mobility, and application services.

Primary features include:
  1. 2 integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports
  2. 2 enhanced High-Speed WAN Interface Card (EHWIC) slots that can host 2 single wide or 1 double wide EHWIC module
  3. Fully integrated power distribution to modules supporting 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Cisco Enhanced PoE
  4. Security – Basic Firewall
    1. Embedded hardware-accelerated VPN encryption
    2. Highly secure collaborative communications with Group Encrypted Transport VPN, Dynamic Multipoint VPN, or Enhanced Easy VPN
    3. Integrated threat control using Cisco IOS Firewall, Cisco IOS Zone-Based Firewall, Cisco IOS IPS, and Cisco IOS Content Filtering
    4. Identity management with authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA), and public key infrastructure
5. Why Choose Aries Systems for Managed Router Service?
Reliable and tested Solution
Fully managed and easy to use Configuration control panel
High-speed, resilient and scalable Platform
End to end managed network service by Aries Systems to avoid multiple vendor management
Expertise to manage and operate your mission critical Network and appliances
Drive operational efficiency with a provider you can rely on.
Flexible service management options
Staff of R&D and Solution Engineers dedicated to finding the best services to meet your business needs
24 x 7 Customer and Technical support at all levels
Outstanding SLAs and quick response time
Full support of IPv4 and IPv6
Excellent network protection with sophisticated traffic monitoring tools and enhanced Access control
Full support of IPv4 and IPv6
Online Network utilization reports, including live Network and Router monitoring access through the NMS system.


Aries Systems’ V-MRS (Managed Router Solution) can support up to multiple 100Mbps internet bandwidth with secure connectivity option. The Router can be configured to manage multiple WAN connections if needed. Flexible customizable routing and QoS policies are available to meet your business demand

Customers are given access to online monitoring to keep eyes on their daily use, Reports generation and live NMS view.

With our Managed Router Solution, you outsource the time-consuming, technical aspects of maintaining your Corporate network to:
Reduce unexpected downtime and performance issues
Lower your upfront capital investments and maintenance expenses
Predict ongoing network maintenance costs over time
Expand your visibility and oversight of configurations and performance reports
Gain support for a range of network router options
Free up your time to concentrate on the core focus of your business
Aries Systems’ Managed Router includes the high tech engineering expertise of the Managed Services Team to handle the installation, configuration, and ongoing monitoring and management of network routers, as well as dedicated 24/7 support.


To provide better, faster and hassle free Connectivity experience along with higher reliability, managed QoS and bigger bandwidth to your users in the company or organization, you need our Managed Router services. They offer:
Fast, high capacity and reliable bandwidth for your users to access online resources
High levels of security with content filtering as recommended and supported by the product
Completely IPv6 supported with IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity
Remote Management for the device and 24/7 technical Support
System updates and upgrades regularly
Integration with your existing Network Setup
Support to provide failover configuration with third part Network
Round the clock monitoring by Aries Systems’ Network Operations Center (NOC)