Managed Firewall Solution


As the dependency of the business operations grows on the public network (Internet), security becomes the major concern to be addressed. Without reliable security measures in place, its almost impossible to perform business transactions over the Internet, whether its Data or customer information.

Prevent attacks, improve performance and reduce data recovery costs with Aries Systems’ managed security services. With 24/7 protection and Technical Support along with flexible deployment options, our managed security services can help your business meet regulatory and best practice requirements in the industry today.


Secure Internet Connectivity and Protection

Managed firewall

Firewalls require regular assessment, configuration and updates to remain effective against intrusion. Protect your applications with industry-leading Stateful Packet Inspection, Intrusion Prevention, as well as optional real-time fingerprint threat detection and VPN services.

Managed anti-DDoS

Protect your business from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks using leading-edge filtering and advanced routing techniques. In addition to protecting all layers of your network, Aries Systems can also help identify and stop the delivery mechanisms.

Managed intrusion prevention and detection

With Aries Systems’ Managed Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS), you receive proactive network surveillance and monitoring that is configured, managed and updated regularly by technical experts. Identify and address vulnerabilities and intrusions using our patented, always-on algorithms and a 24/7 Network Operations Center for monitoring and remediation of threats to your critical application environments.

1. Trust Right Solution:
Your company requirements are always expanding in both complexity and bandwidth demand. Aries Systems is equipped to meet your increasing needs &mdash not only because we operate one of the nest networks, but also because our secure solution can protect your sensitive information traveling over the internet as well as within your corporate Network. Aries Systems’ teams are dedicated to enabling you to run your business operations without the important servers being compromised.

2. Your Network Security:
Hacking attack happens daily and can cost a huge cost to the company. Aries Systems has excellent network level security, combined with centralized, in-house expertise, to help ensure that we not only provide a fast dedicated connection, we provide a secure one too.

3. Greater Operational Efficiency:
Connect wherever you want with multiple layers of data protection and bandwidth options supported by flexible offerings, customized to seamlessly accommodate your varying needs. Secure connectivity can, not only ensure your Network Servers are safe against any threat but also to give better working efficiency to work without fear. Reach your customers, staff and business partners with predictable data delivery supported by our excellent sales team, customer service and Service provisioning time.

4. Delivering Superior Customer Experience:
Acquire high-quality Secure and protected access to your online database, cloud storage and converged networking solutions to support your customers, employees and partners. With our extremely connected and safe network, Aries Systems delivers traffic to Internet destinations in fewer hops for a high-performance experience with fast upload and download speeds while ensuring the transfer is secure and virus/Trojans and malware are not being sent into your corporate Network.

5. Technical Capabilities

Appliance: Firewall
Brand: CyberRoam
Model: CR100iNG
Interfaces: 8x Copper GbE ports (or more in the higher models)
Network Security: Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, Web Application Firewall
Content Security: Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam (Inbound/Outbound), HTTPS/SSL Content Security
System Performance
Firewall Throughput (UDP) 4,500 Mbps
Firewall Throughput (TCP) 3,500 Mbps
Concurrent sessions 1,250,000
SSL VPN Throughput 400 Mbps
WAF Protected Throughput 700 Mbps
Anti-Virus Throughput 1,400 Mbps
IPS Throughput 1,200 Mbps
UTM Throughput 750Mbps
6. Why Choose Aries Systems for Managed Firewall Service?
Reliable and tested Solution
Fully managed GUI for administration as well as User level authentication
High-speed, resilient and scalable Platform
Fantastic firewall throughput with (Deep Packet Inspection) DPI
Identity based control to ensure unauthorized access is completely not possible
Secure VPN for the staff when they are away
Guest SSID for visitors without being exposed to the possible threats
Drive operational efficiency with a provider you can rely on.
Flexible service management options
Staff of R&D and Solution Engineers dedicated to finding the best services to meet your business needs
24 x 7 Customer and Technical support at all levels
Outstanding SLAs and quick response time
Full support of IPv4 and IPv6
Excellent network protection with sophisticated traffic monitoring tools and enhanced Access control
Online daily attack, applications used, protocols used, detonations served etc report into your inbox.


Aries Systems’ A-Secure (Manages Firewall Solution) can support upto multiple Gbps internet bandwidth with secure connectivity option. The firewall can be configured to manage multiple WAN connections if needed. Flexible customizable security policies are available to meet your business demand

Aries Systems offers its customers a standard firewall policy to block any incoming threats and keeping the signature up-to-date regularly, however the policies can be modified as per your security standard in the organization.

Customers are given access to online monitoring to keep eyes on their daily use, possible viruses, attacks, application used and user level access reports.


To provide better and safer browsing/Internet experience along with faster speed, higher reliability and bigger bandwidth to your users in the company or organization, you need our Managed Firewall services. They offer:
Fast, high capacity and reliable bandwidth for your users to access online data and work with the safer network connection
High levels of security with content filtering (in compliance with the authorities)
Completely IPv6 supported with IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity
Remote Management for the appliance and 24/7 technical Support
Intrusion Detection and prevention system without interrupting your connectivity
Malware, Spyware and Virus blocking
Email and attachment scanning for any possible threat
24/7 technical support
Round the clock monitoring by Aries Systems’ Network Operations Center (NOC)

Service Coverage

Aries Systems’ Managed Firewall solution is available at all the location that are supported for the DIA services regionally