Managed DRC Solution


For any business to function and to be able to generate the revenue without sudden stop to it, a disaster recovery plan is not an option anymore – it’s mandatory.

When disaster strikes, how long can operations stay down before business is adversely affected? That answer is different for every company, which is why Aries Systems develops BC/DR solutions tailored for each client's specific business environment. Our trained engineers will work towards a solution that is defined around each customers' recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives for getting their business back up and running.

Peace of mind isn't a pre-packaged solution, which is why we customize it for each business and bottom line. Our unique blend of offerings and expertise allow us to offer complete BC/DR solutions to fit any budget or recovery goals. Whether its on-premise, off site or in the cloud, we can design the customized solution that meets their needs. Aries Systems areas of expertise include:
  1. Co-location in top class Datacentres
  2. Remote management of the Network/Storage device (remote hands)
  3. Network Connectivity between Main and Backup data center
  4. 24x7x365 Network operations Support
  5. Highly available Internet Service
  6. Disaster Contingency Planning and Testing

What Can You Do if Disaster Strikes?

What could you do if disaster struck and mission critical information was lost?

The primary objective of a Business Recovery Plan is to enable an organization to survive a disaster and to reestablish the business operations. In order to survive, the organization must assure that critical operations can resume normal processing within a shortest possible time frame. Therefore, the goals of the Business Resumption Plan should be to:
  1. Identify the possible threats and implement the disaster recovery plan;
  2. Minimize the duration of major incidents which may cause longer interruptions;
  3. Facilitate effective recovery of the data and business; and
  4. Reduce the complexity of the recovery process.

Aries Systems’ Disaster Recovery solutions is mainly designed for organizations that already have a primary data centre (either internal or in a commercial facility), and require a geographically separated facility where they can house disaster recovery services and application servers . If you have existing or future disaster recovery requirements, but do not want to engage multiple vendors to enable DR solution, we have a complete solution to meet your requirement.

Superior Network Connectivity, Higher availability, ,end to end managed Network, system software backups are essential to run continuous business operations. Failure of a Server/Application/storage device may cause in total loss of business continuity and accessibility to your mission critical resources.

Aries Systems can assist you by providing fully managed Business Continuity solution for your business, and support with its 24/7 available and expert teams.


Management of Your Co-location
Aries Systems will manage the colocation of your Servers, Storage devices, Firewalls and Routers as a part of this offering.

Connection Failover Configuration/Load balancing
To ensure consistent availability of your network, Aries Systems can provide automatic failover on the Network services and also on the Datacenter connectivity.

Management of Routers, Servers and Failover connectivity
If you have routers and Server that reside in the Datacenters or your branch offices, we can manage them for you to reduce your overhead of managing the remote sites network devices.

1. Trust Right Solution:
Your company requirements are always expanding in both complexity and bandwidth demand. Aries Systems is equipped to meet your increasing needs &mdash not only because we operate one of the best networks, but also because our managed DR solution can offload your overhead and cost with its affordable and robust solutions offering, to manage your corporate Network and DRC.

2. Network/DC Availability:
DC-DRC is complex Network solution and can cost a huge cost to the company.Aries Systems has an excellent expertise and partnerships in place to deploy, manage and monitor not only the Network but also the DC connectivity. Combined with centralized, in-house expertise, to help ensure that we not only provide a fast dedicated connection, we provide an end-end management of your Network system too. Aries Systems’ teams are dedicated to enabling you to run your business operations without the service is being interrupted.

3. Delivering Superior Customer Experience:
Acquire high-quality Secure and fully managed access to the Network, cloud storage and converged networking solutions to support your customers, employees and partners. With our extremely connected, safe and fully managed network, Aries Systems delivers traffic to Internet destinations in fewer hops for a high-performance experience with fast upload and download speeds while ensuring the Network devices delivering services to you are available, regularly updated and monitored 24/7 from our Network Operations Center.

4. Why Choose Aries Systems for DRC Service?
Reliable and tested Solution
Fully managed including the colocation and Network connectivity
High-speed, resilient and scalable Network Platform
End to end managed DRC network service by Aries Systems to avoid multiple vendor management
Expertise to manage and operate your mission critical Network and Storage appliances
Drive operational efficiency with a provider you can rely on.
Flexible service management options
Staff of R&D and Solution Engineers dedicated to finding the best services to meet your business needs
24 x 7 Customer and Technical support at all levels
Outstanding SLAs and quick response time
Excellent network protection with sophisticated traffic monitoring tools and enhanced Access control
Online Network utilization reports, including live Network and Router monitoring access through the NMS system.
Multiple Datacenters across Klang Valley to provide better DC-DRC protection scheme


Aries Systems’ V-MDS (Manages DRC Solution) can support up to multiple Gbps internet bandwidth with secure connectivity option, multi 10gbps of connectivity between data centers. Flexible customizable routing and QoS policies are available to meet your business demand. Real-time data replication made possible between the DC and DRC using Aries Systems’ NG Carrier Ethernet Network.

Customers are given access to online monitoring to monitor daily use, Reports generation and live NMS view.

With our Managed DRC Solution, you outsource the time-consuming, technical aspects of maintaining your Corporate network to:
Reduce unexpected downtime and performance issues
Lower your upfront capital investments and maintenance expenses
Predict ongoing network maintenance costs over time
Expand your visibility and oversight of configurations and performance reports
Gain support for a range of network router options
Free up your time to concentrate on the core focus of your business

Aries Systems’ Managed DRC Solution includes the high tech engineering expertise of the Managed Services Team to handle the installation, configuration, and ongoing monitoring and management of network routers, Firewalls, Servers and Storage devices as well as dedicated 24/7 Technical support.


To provide better, faster and hassle free Connectivity experience along with higher reliability, managed QoS and bigger bandwidth to your users in the company or organization, you need our Managed DRC services. They offer:
Fast, high capacity and reliable bandwidth for your DC and DRC
High levels of security with content filtering as recommended and supported by the product
Completely IPv6 supported with IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity
Remote Management for the device and 24/7 technical Support
Colocation in T-3, reputable Data Centers
System updates and upgrades regularly
Integration with your existing Network Setup
Support to provide failover configuration with third part Network
Round the clock monitoring by Aries Systems’ Network Operations Center (NOC)
One Stop Solution for your DC-DRC, Network connectivity and Internet Needs