Financial Services

Address challenges and opportunities with enterprise solutions.

In the ever-changing financial sector, you need the infrastructure that can enable you to be competitive and faster in learning the dynamic changes in the market. Having the flexibility and scalability to manage your network efficiently will help your productivity and your objective. We understand, to be competitive and profitable, you need the ability to provide your customers ultra fast, reliable and “Always On” service, and having the right technology solution in place can help.

Aries Systems' Ethernet Services address the connectivity, availability and speed challenges by providing:

Connectivity for multiple financial institutions to hub site locations for centralized Internet access, data and secure intranet connections
Well optimized network to meet Financial sector need
A Network solution with lowest latency and jitter to enable our customer for live monitoring of stocks
Centralized management at hub site Internet access point
Easy and cost-effectives way to grow bandwidth Scalable bandwidth from 1Mbps to 10Gbps
Flexible Class of Service options to meet different application performance requirements such as voice and video
Cost effective yet high quality of service
Online service performance monitoring and utilization view