Ethernet Private Line/Lan (ELINE/ELAN)


When it’s vital for you to have trustworthy connections between your HQ and Branch sites, you need our Domestic Leased Lines services. They offer:
Fast, high capacity bandwidth from 4 Mbit/s up to 10 Gbit/s or even multiple of 10Gbps
High levels of security and reliability (Layer0 or 2)
End-to-end high availability (Multiple protection Paths)
Suitable for business-critical applications, ERP and the rest (Multiprotocol)
Service is provisioned when you need them, with provisioning guarantee by SLAs
Flexible Network to support what you need!
24/7 Customer Services and Support (CSS and Network Ops)
Round the clock monitoring by Aries Systems’ Network Operations Center (NOC)


Aries Systems’ domestic Leased Line Service is a guaranteed bandwidth network link and an ultra low-latency service utilizing Carrier Ethernet over Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (EoDWDM) technology.

EoDWDM technology expands VLan allocation and auto provisioning using the MEF defined services profiles and offers quality and functionality using MEF defined Service control and high-quality OAM and CFM function.

With a wide variety of bandwidth options, flexible interface types that even allow for the use of the existing telecommunication devices (Legacy Network Equipment), and access multiplexing option that integrates multipoint communications, this high-qualit and highly-reliable Aries Systems’ Domestic Private Leased Lines Services enables the customer to build and operate large scale Enterprise network.


1. Ultra Low latency network
This service offers ultra low latency over the entire network by choosing the most appropriate and shortest path within the Carrier Ethernet/Transmission network, utilising the most efficient traffic switching mechanism within the Carrier Ethernet Network cloud.

2. Support for flexibility
Adds flexibility for the customer to choose a service ranging from 4Mb/s to 1Gb/s or even 10Gbps. Adds flexibility of an access VLan multiplexing option and an access multiplexing (LAG redundancy) option.

3. Access Multiplexing Option

To make a multipoint line multiplexed to 1 access, it is required to give a C-VLAN tag that has been pre-defined between Aries Systems and customers to use for the service.

This option is suitable for building a network that offers highly reliable data/voice and video communication from headquarters/data center to multiple branch locations.

Connections can be extended remotely without requiring operators to visit facilities. Also, you can modify the bandwidth parameters for any one link or few without affecting other multiplexed lines.

4. Access Multiplexing (LAG Redundancy) Option

This option offers a backup UNI or NNI connection between Aries Systems’ CPE equipment and customer equipment using the link aggregation (LAG) protocol.

As the switch over to a redundant system is available not only within Aries Systems’ service area, but also in the case of interface failure of customer premises equipment, it helps to enhance the availability and performance of the communication network.

Link aggregation Standardized as IEEE802.3ad by IEEE. This technology virtually treats multiple connections as a single connection to increase the communication speed and enhance fault tolerance in case of one physical port or cable failure.

5. Variety of Service Level Agreements
Provides three types of service level agreements such as SLA for network latency, utilizing Ethernet-OAM technology and Service Provisioning guarantee.


Aries Systems’ DLL (Domestic Leased Line) from 4 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s uses clear channel connections with Carrier Ethernet over DWDM (EoDWD). The service is always provisioned with multiple protection paths, to ensure highest level of availability.

From 10 Gbit/s to multiple 10Gbps links, Aries Systems uses Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM), routed over our National fibre-optic backbone network. The choice of the protocol and level of protection are offered to make maximum use of the bandwidth. Our circuits are highly reliable, with self-healing Carrier Ethernet or OTN and redundancy, so we can ensure uninterrupted data transmission.

Our Network Operation Centre monitors your service round the clock, with our Customer Services Support (CSS) as a 24/7 point of contact. We also offer a dedicated Network Connectivity between Data Centres to support storage area networking, disaster recovery and business continuity.

Service Coverage

Aries Systems, through its extensive fiber optical infrastructure is able to provide any service type within its service portfolio to any point in Klang Valley and Selected points nationally within Malaysia. With its coverage to more than 1000 commercial and residential buildings, Aries Systems stands as one of the biggest fixed line Telcos in Malaysia. Please refer to  Network Coverage page for more information.