Corporate Overview

Aries Systems Plc

Aries Systems Plc is a regional wholesale telecommunication service provider of bandwidth infrastructure services, including dark fibre, wavelengths, Ethernet and internet protocol services. The company is currently operating in Malaysia and is expanding regionally in South East Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

Aries Systems Plc is licensed by the government of Malaysia as a fixed line network telecommunication company. The company is focusing on customers who require and consume large bandwidth, including wireless and wireline carriers, media companies, Internet Service Providers (ISP) companies, multi-national corporations, governments, and large enterprises. The products and services of Aries Systems are specifically designed to meet the need of these customers who need big bandwidth, higher reliability and premium customer support service. Since Aries Systems is not addressing the retail market segment, it avoids competing with the incumbents.

Aries Systems Plc has employed the latest technology in its network that is predominantly an Ethernet over Packet Optical technology that allow cost effective price-per-megabit for service delivery that enables customers to:
  1. deliver a network that supports existing and future services and simplifies the shift to Ethernet connectivity services and interfaces for high bandwidth, IP-based service network; and
  2. offer flexibility to customer network needs for metro-e or wavelengths. Customers are able to design the network as required and in line with the capacity requirements and demand easily.