Bandwidth On Demand


High speed and bigger bandwidth is an unavoidable need that any organization may run into almost every day or every week. Increasing adoption of converged IP services to deliver Data, Voice and Video on the same platform over the same Network link is consuming the bandwidth and hence making it extremely tight for the continuous use by multiple applications during office hours.

Its an absolute need by any Network system to have an option to seamlessly increase or decrease WAN bandwidth without making monthly or yearly commitment.

Aries Systems believes in providing the services that customer needs including bandwidth on demand which doesn’t need any monthly or yearly commitment from the customer. This can either be billed on hourly basis or predefined range as burstable bandwidth.

Provide users with faster access to cloud applications from across your entire network while lowering your network costs by adding Aries Systems’ Bandwidth-on-Demand feature. Using the feature, your wide area network (WAN) can easily scale to accommodate fluctuating bandwidth demands.


Burstable Bandwidth Option:
This option can be selected at the time of first service subscription, where the committed bandwidth can be fixed for all time while the burstable option is available when customer needs and the Network has enough available bandwidth to be allocated for the customer.

Pay as you use:
This option can be utilized at anytime whenever there is a need to more committed bandwidth without incurring the charges monthly or yearly. BWoD can be offered as low as hourly basis. Aries Systems provides full chart of pricing scheme for you to easily understand the pricing and Terms & Conditions associated with it.


Cost Effective:
You’ll have “always on” 50mbps, 100Mbps or even 1G or 10G bandwidth ready without having to pay for dedicated connections

Your converged Network will never run into congestions and packet drops, as the bandwidth that your application needs, is available NOW !

Available When You Conduct Business:
Use the bandwidth as and when you need it, our teams are waiting for you to call in and activate the desired service for you to have seamless business operations

Achieve High-Speed, Always-On Connectivity to Online resources and Data
You’ll have “always on” 50mbps, 100Mbps or even 1G or 10G bandwidth ready without having to pay for dedicated connections

IT and network managers are looking for a better way to scale network bandwidth to support cloud applications.

Imagine being able to eliminate the frustrating process of provisioning network connectivity, circuit by circuit, as well as the added expense of overbuying bandwidth to accommodate spikes in bandwidth needs.

Aries Systems’ Bandwidth-on-Demand provides your business with flexibility and scalability to support multi-cloud deployments and can also be used to interconnect your data centers.

This is increasingly important as businesses look to a combination of public, private and hybrid cloud architectures to meet their business and IT requirements.


With Aries Systems’ BWoD, organisations simply commit to a minimal amount of bandwidth needed on an average monthly basis.

Should network usage rise above the committed level, the Aries Systems’ network connection will automatically expand to accommodate the extra traffic without disturbing the Quality of Service (QoS) settings.

There’s no need for you to pre-schedule bandwidth bursting in advance. Aries Systems’ BWoD automatically accommodates fluctuating usage&mdashand simply works in the background when you need it&mdashto ensure availability and consistent performance.
Use Bandwidth-on-Demand to power your cloud computing and data center strategies
Gain scalable, cost-effective, high-speed connections
Directly connect to one or more sites/braches
Interconnect data centers with flexible bandwidth
Eliminate your need to buy over-the-top bandwidth as a safeguard against spikes and surges in your network traffic
Ensure availability and improve performance of your applications

Maximize your investments in the bandwidth, Move at the Speed of Today’s Business 
With Aries Systems’ Bandwidth-on-Demand, you’ll implement direct network connections to the cloud or your sites that will accommodate fluctuating usage in an efficient, secure, and cost- effective manner. Get the fastest network on-ramps to support your organization’s increasing demand of faster speed and bigger bandwidth.